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Whether they are a lifelong player or just getting started, these themed chess sets make playing chess more fun. There are many themes to choose from: dragons, animals and even a set for surfers. 

AnimaLogic is a brilliant puzzle game that will have children working their brain overtime to solve these wonderfully smart safari stumpers!

Lions, hippos, giraffes, and camels are all waiting to get to the other side of the river, but they can only cross the bridge one at a time.

Solve the sequence and then move the animals in the proper order to get them safely to the other side – The puzzle’s complete once all sixteen wooden animals are removed from the game board!

Recommended Ages: 4-6

Players in this board game take part in activities in several categories including word play, sleuthing, acting and more. Recommended for ages 16 up.

Complete with high quality glass playing pieces and detailed instructions for multiple game variations, Four Player Mancala is sure to become a family favorite for generations to come. Recommended for ages 8 – adult.

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