grilling gifts for dad

Does your dad love the grill? Our guide to the best grilling gifts for Dad will lead you to the perfect present for Father’s Day, Christmas, his birthday, or “just ’cause” occasion.

Every month your grill-loving dad will receive:
  • One Sauce or Marinade
  • One Rub or Spice
  • One Delicious Edible (Jerky, Snack, etc)
  • One Sample Package of Premium Wood Chips
  • One custom recipe showcasing what can be done with his box of BBQ goodness
  • This pack of six wooden grilling planks is sure to please Dad. The set includes Western Cedar, Alder, Hickory, Cherry, Maple, and Red Oak wooden planks as well as a free ebook with recipes. The wood is 100% natural (no chemicals added) and is totally sourced in the USA.

    The set includes a double can chicken roaster which makes is easy to grill up some tasty birds. The six stainless steel skewers make it easy to assemble kebabs, while the stainless steel button thermometers make it a snap to monitor the temperature of grilled meat. The rib rack will serve double duty and let you roast a pork shoulder or get those mouthwatering ribs going.

    Designed with durability in mind, the heavy duty 304 stainless steel construction will ensure that this smoker box can stand the heat, for many years to come. The box is not just for wood chips. The welded seams of this smoker box will let Dad use his favorite liquids for steaming meals to perfection.

    Your Dad will love getting new BBQ supplies every month in the mail. The box arrives with BBQ sauce, wood chips, dry rubs, marinades and grilling accessories. 

    The PK Grill and Smoker is a heavy duty grill and smoke sold at an affordable price. A PK charcoal grill and smoker will deliver exceptional BBQ results with any cooking method because this BBQ grill delivers unbeatable temperature and air control, resulting in smooth heat distribution and even cooking without needing to constantly turn the food. 

    Additional Grilling Gifts

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